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Is Coffee Good for You?

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There are so many different articles and studies about whether or not coffee is good for you.  With all the research it is hard to know which one to believe. Certainly having too much caffeine is not good for you but having one or two cups of day probably isn’t going to harm your health.

Some studies show that caffeine can have different effects on different people. Coffee does have higher caffeine than tea and of course there is always decaffeinated coffee.

There is some evidence that rheumatoid arthritis and heart attacks have been linked to drinking coffee.  As well it can increase blood pressure in some people and it can change the level of stress hormones in our bodies.

If you are experiencing heart palpitations, jitters  or feeling weak then you might want to take a look at the amount of coffee you are consuming.

Certainly if you are pregnant drinking coffee might be something to cut out while you are carrying your child. Studies have shown that malformation and low birth weight can occur with women who are coffee drinkers.

Women need to be careful with the amount of coffee they drink because it can reduce the ability to absorb calcium as well as other important minerals. If you are breast feeding your baby you might want to forgo that cup of coffee because you can actually pass on the caffeine to the child.

As a side note on the health effect of the of drinking regular coffee, it has been found that by drinking filtered coffee, none of these effects that can effect cholesterol take place. As well drinking instant coffee seems to be a healthier choice as well.

If you are going to drink coffee you might want to switch to one that uses green coffee beans. It seems this bean offers a lot of antioxidants just like green tea and grape seed extract.

Green coffee beans don’t have the same negative effects as regular coffee. In fact it can boost metabolism by changing how glucose is distributed in the body. It can also boost energy levels but it doesn’t increase cholesterol.

By the way when it comes to caffeine and the possibility of liver disease, studies indicate that coffee may in fact support liver health in some people. They found that people who drank more than two cups of coffee a day and were at risk of developing liver disease as a result of drinking too much alcohol, had less liver damage.

Just remember that although there can be some serious side effects from drinking too much coffee, a small amount might not be a problem.  Only you and your doctor can say for sure.


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